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OregaMates! How the hell are ya? Is it hot enough yet? Well, just when you thought the heatwave was over, I would like to cordially welcome you to the outback! And no, I’m not talking about steak! But get ready for some sweet seasoning, because this week’s review is about a hip, uniquely authentic female artist from Sydney, Australia named C?NDY and she is totally Aussome... if you know what I mean. ;) She recently dropped a new single entitled “Da Real One” - and it’s a straight addictive banger that will blow up your boom box and get you boppin’ like a kangaroo on codeine. So strap on your boots, grab your canteen, and let’s tune to the dunes!

“Da Real One” kicks off, no pun intended, with a fat, thick, voluptuous bass drum that grabs your heart beat and pulls you in like a shot of morphine to the chest. And if you thought that hit was strong enough, it comes laced with a tight, crispy snare that’s sure to rock you in and out of a trance. Throw in a gut deep, bumpin’ bass guitar melody and you’ve got a rhythm section that punches like Tyson’s Tigers! A sweet psychedelic joyride with a snappy vocal refrain enough to coat your senses like whipped cream on a big beautiful sundae. Boy oh boy this is delicious!

Following the intro is a totally badass verse. If you didn’t pick up on the vibe just yet, stay seated while C?NDY drives the message home. She begins seductively rapping about how she is a confident, authentic straight shooter who doesn’t take shit and goes for her goals without dissuasion. “The real just be real and the best is what I be” is just one of the lines delivered that shows how C?NDY knows what she has and isn’t afraid to flaunt it… Although the verse is rather short and sweet, there are multiple sections in the song where she shines her lyrical light and “sprinkles” the track like rainbow jimmies on an ice cream cone.

The rap is followed by a hypnotic, techno-trippadelic vocal refrain. The sound is intriguing, with a low octave double effect that grinds and dances like sea salt on a stripper pole. A smooth, thick wall of sonic succulence that excites and highlights the message of truth and confidence. It is here that C?NDY introduces the title of the song, as the vocals repeatedly sing “I’m Da Real One.” The chorus is brief, but nonetheless a terrific thrill that is repeated numerous times throughout the track like tiny hits of dopamine to keep you floating on your toes.

For a hint of a second perspective, Cocoa the Conscious delivers a featured verse that is like something out of a jack in the box. A surprising pop and crackle that snaps a new rhythmic style to the beat like a button on a brand new beanie. Following suit with the lyrical message, he inflicts a male point of eager confidence in contrast to C?NDY’s passive-aggressive, sensual approach. These two different stylistic deliveries of rhythm and lyrics compliment each other like lettuce and tomato under a sonically brilliant sesame seed bun.

Towards the end of the tune, C?NDY introduces an abrupt buildup that cuts the energy like coming down from an intense sugar rush. But get ready for that second wind, because we’re about to be given our last blast to the homestretch. The bass comes out front to play, followed by anxious snares and hand claps that bring it all back up to where we started.

The buildup moves us directly into the final chorus, with an added layer containing the refrain from the beginning which closes out the song with a bang! Like riding a super fun carnival ride, we are left with an adrenaline rush and the desire to spin the track until we pass out.

Overall, this song is like a mixed bag of your favorite candies. The vibe feels good, gives you what you want, and pumps you with confident energy that makes you crave another go around. Each section serves up something different, but all equally delicious! The lyrics also provide an important message that pairs perfectly with the fun, gripping vibe of the music. Once you dig this track, you’ll never go back!

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-Mike Oregano 🌿
Oregano Entertainment Network, Oregano Records


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