Mega Negative - Diary of Heart

Sup Oregafam! It’s been a minute, but we’re back and better than ever. Boy do I have a great article for you today! I want to talk to you about a group that rocks so hard, their music will make you want to drink monster energy and and assault some sheetrock. A powerful unit with a refreshingly new take on a nostalgically golden sound. I’m talking about a little band called Mega Negative, based out of Austin Texas! But don’t take the word “little” too lightly, as their sound catalogue is surely massive. In a city where entertainment thrives, and has become an epicenter of live music for modern America, this new band is definitely grabbing a fast foothold in the Austin scene! I recently had the privilege of listening to their new debut album, Diary of Heart, and I give the Orega-Stamp of approval that this is a rock socking release ripe for anyone’s pallet. A combination of grit, groove, and gusto sure to grab your ear and musically molest it. A rock rollercoaster full of h