Heather Cook - No Shortage of Gratitude

What’s up? You smell that? Dam right! You’re about to see what’s brewing from up and coming indie artist, Manhattan’s own,  Heather Cook.  She recently released a new single called “No Shortage of Gratitude,” and let me tell you, I’m definitely gratuitous for having the privilege to hear it.  As a self proclaimed hippie myself, I have to start off by saying this tune is a trip and a half. It’s just, so. chill. The wide open reverb, abstract sounds, and smokey, cavernous vocals make this track a new indie replay for sure.  “No Shortage of Gratitude” starts out with this sweetly ambient guitar riff, which sets the pace for the song, and gives me visions of being awake in the dark morning hours after a long night, pen in hand about to turn in. Then the vocals come in, and the lyrics paired with Heather’s smokey toned voice totally seal the deal of the mood. She says “it’s 4am,” and I can feel the endorphins of chill pulling me in.  The lyrics talk about a former relations

The Victory Drive - Before I Self Destruct (Deluxe Edition)

I recently had the pleasure of listening to “Before I Self Destruct” by The Victory Drive from Belmar, New Jersey and I must say it’s for sure a new pop pleaser. A fresh album with creative blends and catchy choruses, make no mistake this is a powerful pop rock EP that packs a punch! You get roped in with all the hooks and harmonies right from the very start. Not to mention the appropriately placed synths, various hip hop and rock drums, and sultry piano melodies. Impressive to have such a diverse and well-rounded album written, performed, and produced almost entirely by one person. It may be short, but the content and songwriting in “Before I Self Destruct” is certainly “Deluxe.” The EP kicks off with the track “Hey, Anxiety!” A song about dealing with social anxiety and straight up nerves. We can all relate to that. As an artist myself, I certainly can. The uneasy, uptempo beat really pulls at the nerves too, hammering home the anxious feeling the song is creating. It’s impo