21 Grams More - Soul Has Weight

  Happy new year oregafam! How you living? We hope you enjoyed your holiday season this year, and here at Oregano Entertainment Network we would like to wish everyone the best year of your lives yet, especially after the worst year of many of our lives! Goodbye 2020, hello 2021, and welcome prosperity in a new decade! Now that we’ve all drank ourselves under the table, slept off the hangover, popped a few excedrins, and gotten back up on the horse to a fresh new start, let me deliver my holiday present to you… an EP review from a group that is currently giving a beautiful facelift to a traditional American genre. A band from South Shore Boston Massachusetts that is bringing the blues, as well as the reds and whites to go with it! The group is called 21 Grams More, and their new album “Soul Has Weight” is a heavy mixture of blues, soul, gospel, and rock that takes the cake AND eats it too! It’s got all the right nodes your noggin needs for a nice musical blend, features some household n