Alex Stanilla - Qualia

Indie pop artist Alex Stanilla recently released Qualia, an LP that bends the barriers of the genre to give listeners a blissful soundtrack to the happenings of every day life.  The album begins with “Changing,” a dreamlike song that epitomizes the hectic flow of  living in your own head amidst the ever-changing pace of the world, and that certain someone keeping you grounded. Lyrics like,  “I was never sure/you just seemed so perfect/you and all your curves…you just seemed so clean/I can smell your perfume,” are wrapped in a melody that, along with the dissonance of the track and reverberated vocals, come to life for an opening track that will entice listeners.  Next up comes “My Luck,” picking up the pace just enough to bring listeners back from the brink of meditation that the first track undoubtedly induced. Lines like, “That’s my love/I can never get close enough/close enough to you,” add even more energy to the already compelling music. Stanilla’s smooth but wavering vo