Jackie June - Wildflower

Sup? Is it 100 degrees in here or what?! Nope it’s just June! That’s right, the topic of today’s review: Jackie June! Our pop powerhouse friend is at it again with another release and I’m here to tell you all about it. Word up - Jackie is backie with fresh trackies and this time it’s an EP! “Wildflower” hit the social waves back in March, and it’s a refreshingly sweet silhouette of elegance and empowerment that is everything pop needs right now.  “Wildflower” delicately opens with “Find A Way;” a love song about a couple who has been through it all and is still going strong. The sweet little piano melody in the intro really brings the feeling to the forefront almost immediately. Nothing expresses the feeling of love like the high notes of a piano in my opinion, so I’m really digging it. The vocal accompanies the piano rather sweetly and once the intro passes, we start to hear some louder instruments. After riding the verse, we land in Rock Central Station to a symphony of guita

Crowded Shoulders - Help!

Yo yo yo! What’s up? Thanks for stopping by. I know it’s been a minute. I’ve got quite the review for you today. A trippy tale of love lost and longed for, complete with musical riffs and lyrical tiffs alike. So sit down, relax, and take a load off. I’m ‘bout to hit you with crowded shoulders. crowded shoulders, an up and coming Jersey-bred band, has recently lightened their arsenal a bit with their brand new single, “Help!,” and I’m totally vibin’ it. A super trippy, cooler than cool revision of the 1965 hit from The Beatles, this track will make you want to put it on repeat, walk across the room, and glue yourself to the couch. It’s definitely a trip. And I have to mention, the mixture of sounds from instruments and EQ’s alike make this song sound like something straight outta the nineties. From the punky, Green Day style bass, to the Nirvana style ambiance, all the way to the laid back, slow moving vocals this song sounds like it should have been released 25 years ago, and