C?NDY - Da Real One

  OregaMates! How the hell are ya? Is it hot enough yet? Well, just when you thought the heatwave was over, I would like to cordially welcome you to the outback! And no, I’m not talking about steak! But get ready for some sweet seasoning, because this week’s review is about a hip, uniquely authentic female artist from Sydney, Australia named C?NDY and she is totally Aussome... if you know what I mean. ;) She recently dropped a new single entitled “Da Real One” - and it’s a straight addictive banger that will blow up your boom box and get you boppin’ like a kangaroo on codeine. So strap on your boots, grab your canteen, and let’s tune to the dunes! “Da Real One” kicks off, no pun intended, with a fat, thick, voluptuous bass drum that grabs your heart beat and pulls you in like a shot of morphine to the chest. And if you thought that hit was strong enough, it comes laced with a tight, crispy snare that’s sure to rock you in and out of a trance. Throw in a gut deep, bumpin’ bass guitar me

Trevor Daniel & The Reef

Waa Gwaan Oregafam?! How you livin’? Hope everyone is enjoying this maad sick heatwave lately. Fear not mi bruddas an’ sistas, ‘cuz I’ve got some cool tracks for you to simmer down with this week. Oregano Records’ artist, Virginia Beach’s own Trevor Daniel & The REEF recently released a new album and it’s a dash of sweet water jams for all the kettle heads and hippie hitters out there. The new album is a calm wave of red, gold, and green that will lift you up and coat your senses like Herb and Mary’s special sauce! As a reggae-lovin’, knotty haired naturalist myself, this release excites me like an 8 year old kid on Christmas morning. But this ain’t no mistletoe we’re burning… it’s way sweeter! And better yet, the album is so delightful it doesn’t even need a name. That’s right, it’s a self-titled splash of reefer madness bound to give your ears a tickle and pop your palette like a fat juicy pickle! So without further introduction, step ‘pon mi yaad, and let’s hold a vibe wit some