Jesus Ayala Jr. - Self-Titled Debut

OregaRockers! What’s up? Happy Holiday weekend! Are you ready to read the fruits of my Labor Day!? Well let me drop a hint, it’s about a release from a mid west USA artist who is singing his heart out and laying the hooks down like Ed Sheeran on a fishing boat. Jesus Ayala Jr. from Chicago, Illinois has just recently dropped his debut solo EP and it is an alternative emo Brit-rock mish-mosh of gratitude, attitude, and chart topping latitude! It powerfully boasts 4 smash hit songs that cover uniquely different, yet fully complimentary topics for a well-rounded playlist, and is proudly named “Self-Titled Debut.” So grab your headphones, sink into the couch with some green tea, and let’s open up our hearts and minds to Jesus! We lose our shoes and kick things off with “Michael“ - a driving guitar ballad about love and passion. The tune initiates with a time-keeping, chord stabbing guitar effect that directs the rhythm of the groove and creates a sense of curiosity. Jesus begins softly cro

Cheer Up Dusty - Randy Savage Would Be Disappointed

  Oregafam! Happy September! Can you feel the changing of the seasons yet? Well, before you start feeling the post-summertime sadness and begin your fall cleanup just yet, hang on to your brooms for a minute! This week's review is about a group who’s new single is sweeping the charts and lifting heavy hearts like Taylor Swift on a Zamboni! I’m talking about a band called Cheer Up Dusty and their new song hits like a 1-2 kick to the gut that will get you hopping, skipping, and throwing punches in the air to forget all about your quarantine boredom for a good 3 minutes and 18 seconds. The song is cleverly titled “Randy Savage Would Be Disappointed” - and if you give it a spin, I can promise that YOU definitely won’t be. “Randy Savage…” straps us in with an anxiously amusing intro like something out of a 90’s game show theme. We are met with a bright beeping metronome clicking over a forecast of the guitars we will hear later in the song, complete with an eerie wind sweeping effect li