The Warhawks - Never Felt So Good

The Warhawks are a group of 2 brothers, a cousin, and lifelong best friend who travel the country delivering the good time, dirt and gritty, totally in your face rock and roll to all types of venues from bars and taverns, to even coffin factories! Their orchestrations are powerful, carefully crafted and transitioning in style from one to the next, but hold together with the rock and roll glue that is the backbone of their style.  The Warhawks - blasting through genres with military force.    I recently had the pleasure of listening to their new full length album “Never Felt So Good” and boy do I feel great! I haven’t in a while heard an album with so much guitar, and so many voices! The mixture of rock and roll subgenres, various vocal transitions, and hooks from guitars and voices alike really seal the package of a hard hitting, groundbreaking new release in the rock community.  The album opens with “Not A Problem,” a tune about admitting your bad habits and owning up t