crowded shoulders - Theme from "Gluesniffer"

Howdy ho Spiceheads! Sup wid it?! Have I got something in store for you today or what!? Spoiler alert! Yes I do. Is it feelin' a bit crowded in here? (Hint, hint...) I recently had the privilege of hearing some new music from repeat offenders crowded shoulders ( their recent single review here ), and boy let me tell you... crowded shoulders really floods your ears with jollies.   The music they create is super fun, super trippy, and always intricately crafted.  Their current release is  a single called “Theme from 'Gluesniffer'” which features a b-side live take of their previously released song “ADJUST.” So sit back, relax your neck (and your shoulders), and let’s get into this thang.  The single, “Theme from 'Gluesniffer'” is a real high energy hoot right from the getgo. The song begins, and I’m feeling pumped up! Like getting ready for a sports game, or a night on the town! The steady ripping beat, paired with the tense high energy music makes me fee