Jackie June - Chasing Nightmares

Am I dreaming? Nope! I’m just in a state of euphoria after listening to new up and coming pop artist, singer/songwriter Jackie June’s new single “Chasing Nightmares.” This pop powerhouse is packed to the punch with marching drums, a melodramatic piano, and we can’t forget Jackie’s upfront, strong vocal presence. This tune’s got all the elements of a pop hit packed into one 3:27 song. Grab your tube top and sunblock, because “Chasing Nightmares” is hot like summer.  The song starts out with this cool, telephone effect sounding piano melody which pulls in the emotion we’re about to hear almost instantly. And then we’re cut short by a record scratch and here comes Jackie! The piano bangs away, and the story unfolds as the vocal ties it together.  An important mention for those of you who aren’t hip to the June, is her instantly recognizable vocal style. Smooth where it needs to be, emotional in the most complimentary places, and loudly present when that decibel level starts