Aidan Jack Finnecy - The Plot Thickens

Oregafam! Happy summer! Hope you’re enjoying your chilly cocktails and saucy seasonal meats (or vegan substitutes of course)... but before you fill up on passion and corn chips, take a deep breath…because boy do I have the sweetest summer treat for you! Remember our ol’ pal Aidan Jack Finnecy? Welp, he’s back at the plate, slammin’ a homer with his new EP “The Plot Thickens” and lemme just say it’s super PHAT! Get your ear-taste-buds ripe and ready, because chef Finnecy is cookin’ up grooves like a pound of bacon! This new release is a conglomeration of windy, indie, Brit and Brat that showcases Aidan’s progression as a songwriter while staying true to his sonic footholds. So if you haven’t done so yet, grab a fat drink, drop down in your favorite lawn chair, and listen as “The Plot Thickens.” “The Plot” opens with an easy breezy, highway cruise as Aidan croons sweetly about lookin for his “Type” - (which happens to be the title of the song). The first few moments place you in the wide