The Warhawks - Never Felt So Good

The Warhawks are a group of 2 brothers, a cousin, and lifelong best friend who travel the country delivering the good time, dirt and gritty, totally in your face rock and roll to all types of venues from bars and taverns, to even coffin factories! Their orchestrations are powerful, carefully crafted and transitioning in style from one to the next, but hold together with the rock and roll glue that is the backbone of their style. The Warhawks - blasting through genres with military force.  

I recently had the pleasure of listening to their new full length album “Never Felt So Good” and boy do I feel great! I haven’t in a while heard an album with so much guitar, and so many voices! The mixture of rock and roll subgenres, various vocal transitions, and hooks from guitars and voices alike really seal the package of a hard hitting, groundbreaking new release in the rock community. 

The album opens with “Not A Problem,” a tune about admitting your bad habits and owning up to them. Hey, I know I shouldn’t do this but I DO IT ANYWAY and it’s NOT a PROBLEM! (Shakes finger vigorously)... Anyways, this is a hard rock gem mixed with elements of punk rock in the chorus. Not to mention, the refrain of “It’s not a problem!” is so catchy and gripping that you will find yourself singing along with the urge to punch something. And the eerie “ooh’s” really bring out the mystery of whether these bad habits are ACTUALLY not a problem, or if this is a denial song...
Finally, the solo towards the end is a total face melter. Consider yourself rocked. 

The follow up track, “Miracle” lightens the gritty rock a bit. Although the bass does have a nice gutty growl on this one. The drum beat is totally driving, like a steel train chugging on. And the steady, fast marching groove of the song creates a hopeful, optimistic feeling. Are we heading for a miracle? I certainly think so! In the chorus, were struck with some vocal “Ooh’s” again as we heard with the first tune. I think we might be noticing a stylistic pattern unfolding... 

Track three, “Your Touch,” sheds light on the more pop oriented side of the band. The harmonies in the chorus, the driving, forward pushing drum beat, and super vicious tremolo guitar solo in the chorus make this tune a rock pop masterpiece for all to enjoy. And the harmonized guitar solo in the bridge really coats the goat. I can totally imagine this song being featured in a PG13 babe chaser movie. At this point, I feel an important mention about this band and this album is the various different voices that share the limelight throughout the release. We have a noticeable vocalist switch on this tune. 

The fourth track, “Soulsucker”, turns the amps way back up to 11, and delivers a totally dirty, don’t give a fu**k, loud and obnoxious, bitchin’ rock and roll tune! The guitars are in your face, the drums are big and grungey, and the vocals complement everything perfectly with a nice graveled delivery. Instead of ooh’s, in this track we have “Ah’s” in the pre-chorus and I must mention, that for a rock and roll record there is an exceptional amount of voices all over each song. And that’s totally awesome!

I tell everyone, if you’ve got something to say, sing it in a song. Well, “Don’t Fuck With Me,” the fifth track, tells it like it is! A rather sarcastic, yet true to form tune, It starts out with an eighties pop rock style riff, and meets an alternative rock style guitar just before the vocal kicks in. And once the drums hit we are riding on a fun, sing along style punk rock anthem. Again I’m gettin’ the urge to punch something!

Track number 6, “Nothing To Do,” lightens up the sound again. It’s important to notice how each song sounds lighter than the previous tune, but the elements of rock and roll are still very present behind the scenes. The guitars in this song are acoustic, shimmery, and strummed with optimism. As I mentioned before with The Warhawks changing up the front voice, there is another apparent switch on this track too. No more gritty voice upfront, now we have a more friendly, poppy vocal delivery. Don’t be fooled with the pretty sound though. This song is an emotional closure track about leaving behind someone or something you loved and moving forward with your life.

The next track, “Got It From Me” brings out the classic rock that was being withheld in full force. You can’t cycle through rock genres and not allude to some classic rock! I’m surprised it took this long to come out! This song is like the spit-ten image of an early Rolling Stones tune, mixed with a bit of early punk. And the vocals sound like Jagger himself! That must have been an expensive collaboration. A fine arrangement of rock and roll grit, and sharp, cutting vocals!

Get ready for a transition now. “Change,” the eighth track, brings back the dirty rock but this time it’s stadium style! The opening riff is just humongous! And so are the “woah’s!” An Alternative/Punk kind of song with a Jimmy Eat World style chorus, “Change” is something you won’t see coming!

The album comes to a slow moving, loud and pounding, anthemic close with “Ten things” - a total change from the rest of the album. Funny that it follows the song “Change” ...was this a foreshadowing? In contrast to the edgy, forward pushing songs that come before it on this release, this one sits comfortably on the groove, and takes us for a slow ride, like a plane taxiing into a terminal. “Ten Things” is by far the biggest sounding track on this release. It sounds like they put the stadium from “Change” inside an even bigger stadium! It’s just so wide open! Like being at a baseball game, or a Super Bowl half time show. And when the song is over, it’s like the end of an amazingly unforgettable concert experience. Time to find your car and beat the traffic! 

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