Heather Cook - No Shortage of Gratitude

What’s up? You smell that? Dam right! You’re about to see what’s brewing from up and coming indie artist, Manhattan’s own, Heather Cook. She recently released a new single called “No Shortage of Gratitude,” and let me tell you, I’m definitely gratuitous for having the privilege to hear it. 

As a self proclaimed hippie myself, I have to start off by saying this tune is a trip and a half. It’s just, so. chill. The wide open reverb, abstract sounds, and smokey, cavernous vocals make this track a new indie replay for sure. 

“No Shortage of Gratitude” starts out with this sweetly ambient guitar riff, which sets the pace for the song, and gives me visions of being awake in the dark morning hours after a long night, pen in hand about to turn in. Then the vocals come in, and the lyrics paired with Heather’s smokey toned voice totally seal the deal of the mood. She says “it’s 4am,” and I can feel the endorphins of chill pulling me in. 

The lyrics talk about a former relationship, and how one can feel broken or overwhelmed with the reality of dealing with its ending. Heather sings “Can’t fill me up, I’m too empty,” followed by sounds of wind blowing, and really pulls the subject matter to the forefront. But no matter how sad or melancholy the lyrics and vocals may be, they just work so incredibly well with the sound of the music behind them. Ambient, atmospheric, yet steady at pace. Almost like being stuck in thought. 

The way the vocals are mixed and effected in this song, combined with the wind sounds and atmospheric samples, creates a dream-like feeling, reminiscent of being in and out of consciousness. Like floating on a cloud!

Around the 2 minute mark, the song seems to change direction just a little bit. Whereas in the beginning the sound was leaning more on the dark and gloomy side, the music now starts to evoke an enthusiastic and easy feeling. 

When the refrain of “It’s 4am” kicks in at 2:55, the bright harmonies and silky background vocals create a beautifully smooth, uplifting blend that paints a picture of the sun trying to come through. Are we starting to see some light poking through the clouds of sadness?

Right after the “4am” refrain, the vibe seems to keep the momentum of change. We’re hit with a bright, spritely sounding acoustic guitar strumming some chords, and a bouncy, light vocal delivery. Now we hear the title of the track, “No Shortage of Gratitude,” sung in the lyrics and I’m hit with another vision. This time it sounds like the sun has finally come through, it’s around 5:30am, and we’re hopeful for another brand new day. Here Heather sings about being grateful for what she has taken from her past and looks to the future with an exciting new sense of being. 

This song is a perfect reflection on a past experience, and in this case, a former relationship. It begins with the initial grief and hardship of a chapter closing, paired with the most complimentary music, and finishes with a reflection on the lessons learned and the positive taken from it. When listening through you will be engrossed in feelings of hopefulness and positive self reflection.

I would definitely recommend this song for relaxation, study, mental stimulation, or just good old easy listening. Heather Cook has released one other single to date, and currently has a full length album on the way. I can’t wait to see what Heather is Cookin’!

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- Mike Oregano 🌿 
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