Aidan Jack Finnecy - The Plot Thickens

Oregafam! Happy summer! Hope you’re enjoying your chilly cocktails and saucy seasonal meats (or vegan substitutes of course)... but before you fill up on passion and corn chips, take a deep breath…because boy do I have the sweetest summer treat for you! Remember our ol’ pal Aidan Jack Finnecy? Welp, he’s back at the plate, slammin’ a homer with his new EP “The Plot Thickens” and lemme just say it’s super PHAT! Get your ear-taste-buds ripe and ready, because chef Finnecy is cookin’ up grooves like a pound of bacon! This new release is a conglomeration of windy, indie, Brit and Brat that showcases Aidan’s progression as a songwriter while staying true to his sonic footholds. So if you haven’t done so yet, grab a fat drink, drop down in your favorite lawn chair, and listen as “The Plot Thickens.”

“The Plot” opens with an easy breezy, highway cruise as Aidan croons sweetly about lookin for his “Type” - (which happens to be the title of the song). The first few moments place you in the wide open west with acoustic guitar chords, a cavernous piano, and slide guitar swells that warm the platter for the vocals to tell a story of the ultimate search for love. The mood is easy, and the message is clear. But grab your seatbelts, because the beat picks up around the halfway mark and this rollercoaster takes off with flying colors. First stop, transition town, with the ultimate shift from moody western to upbeat indie rock. The snares are snapping, the guitars are gloating with gusto, and the bass is backing the pocket with steady support. I’m already giving out the OregaStamp of approval for the outro that delivers the ending in a disco-ska type fashion which makes for a superb ending to a great choice of an introduction track. Super fun!

The tension comes way down, with “Heyo” - an eerie, mountainous wave of emotion that leaves your head flowing through outer space with all the various selections of reverb. And you can’t forget the vocal delivery that sails off a cliff and glides over you like sun tan lotion on a sizzling summer afternoon. Lay back in your comfy-not so comfy poolside recliner, close your eyes, and enjoy the Finne-Frequen-cy - a dream-like nostalgia perfectly fit for a post-summer-party late night wind down-sober up chill sesh. 

Shine up your boogie boots… because were floatin’ on a feeling and soakin' up the summer sun on “I Am A Cloud." Hope your wallet’s fat, because we’ve got Brit rock in full stock here! Spit-shined and gritty guitar riffs Intermingled with beefy snares and splashy cymbals creates a righteously badass mood that makes you wanna grab somebody by the collar and shout your problems at them! Right from the getgo, your movin' like a gecko, and you just can’t ignore the fact that this is a toe tappin, waist washing jumper of a tune. "I Am A Cloud” will get you screamin’ from cloud 9.

Just when you thought the groove grip was about to loosen, think again because there’s plenty more bop for all you boys and girls! Keep those feet flying for “Indie Kids” - a satirical slap about living life a little less than ordinary. I would like to highlight the lyrics that deliver a first-hand account of being an “Indie Kid,” as well as the post 90’s, crunchy Green Day style guitar effects that allude to the current scene. When Aidan mentions “Jeans and beanies and cuffed pants” he drives home the song’s central meaning about his demographic.

If you haven’t noticed already, one of the many staples that comprises Aidan’s sound is implications of classic rock… and he’s provided a nice relaxing bed and breakfast in vintage-ville for the next few minutes. “Debbie and Keaton” puts you in Joel-town with a catchy classic rock chorus that feels like a carnival ride. And while you’re truly enjoying the elation of this saucy creation, the jam in the middle sweetens the pot (no pun intended) like jelly inside a luciously succulent donut sprinkled with chunky rhythms and crispy melodies. Yum yum delicious.

Choosing a closing tune for a well rounded EP is not something to be taken lightly, and here Aidan shines the spotlight on a potential new direction for his future releases with “Can’t You See the Symphony?” A solid closer, this song features a stadium style rock rhythm section with mountainous riffs, vocals that cut through like a hot knife in butter, and a shimmery rhythm guitar that sounds like a six-string-symphony within itself. Of course, we have a cool funky disco rock interlude right in the middle that ties the beginning and end together like a juicy burger in a boogie brioche bun.

All in all, this mix is a pleasant play through with plush grooves, fat guitars, huge vocals, and so much more! It’s like a summer BBQ in a well rounded 22 minute playlist that will surely make you hip to the Finnecy. Having written about Aidan’s music before, I can say that I am impressed with this followup to his previous EP and I am personally looking forward to seeing what he’s got in store for the future!

Hear “The Plot Thickens” and more:

-Mike Oregano 🌿 
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