Aidan Jack Finnecy - I Don't Care About What You're Saying, So Shut The Fuck Up

Oregafizzle! How you dizzle? I got another OregaRevizzle for you this wizzle! That’s right, we got a new EP to sample and swizzle in your playlizzles! New Jersey’s own Aidan Jack Finnecy has recently released a new collection of songs that is basically a college party in a 25 minute package that will be sure to get locked on repeat until you pass out, or get you locked up from influences of adrenaline fueled mischief! His new record is a Modern day fine wine 80’s rock revival with nodes of British pop, punk rock and a hint of indie. Now I promise my Heads not just Talking trash and Clash, if you know what I mean... And the real one two punch that takes the cake, is the bold title that spells it right out for the current youth of this world - “I Don’t Care About What You’re Saying, So Shut The Fuck Up.” I have to say, as a BIG fan of BOLD statements, I give the OregaStamp of approval just from the title alone. So without further adew, please excuse my French, but shut the fuck up a

Kuyuy - Muy Poco Importa Lo Que Ya Paso

OregaFamilia! Hola! Como estan? Buenos dias! Yes I’m speaking Spanish and no I’m not crazy! This week’s review is so smooth, so unique, and so groovy it’s got me practicing my Spanish and dancing rumbas in my sleep. Y’all better get your tenedores y servilletas (forks and napkins) ready, because this one has got EL SABOR (flavor). Recently assembled as a live only band and forced to change their strategy as a result of worldwide lockdown due to COVID-19, Kuyuy has produced a new single entitled “Muy Poco Importa Lo Que Ya Paso” and it’s a refreshingly cool glass of lemon water that will give your feet some zest and put the love in your chest. The right amount of smooth and smack from the rhythm section, mixed with sophisticated solos and a beautifully sensual vocal. Like limon and garbanzo, this track has got all the elements to make a melodious dish. Something that I find very unique and innovative about this track is the fact that each instrument part was recorded separate

Mike Oregano - Dance Your Face Off! Vol. 2

One man band Mike Oregano is ready to drop his latest album, Dance Your Face Off! Vol. 2  and it is a definite change of pace for the reggae/hip hop music man. The electronic elements of this album will throw listeners back to the 80’s, give ‘em a spin and catch them right back up to speed in 2020, all while maintaining the Oregano spice that listeners have come to love and expect. In this time of pandemic and social outbreak, Dance Your Face Off! Vol. 2  brings a respite from the chaos that this year has tried to throw at us. The album begins with “The Oregano Way,” introducing a heavily electronic beat paired with high energy rap to let you know what Mike Oregano is all about. “I’ve been around the block, got everybody screamin’ ‘like the spice!’ given a brand new meanin’,” will have everyone   excited for Mike Oregano to roll through. Opening the album with a hype track like this one generates definite intrigue. The album continues with a vintage dance beat and a sweet a