crowded shoulders - Theme from "Gluesniffer"

Howdy ho Spiceheads! Sup wid it?! Have I got something in store for you today or what!? Spoiler alert! Yes I do. Is it feelin' a bit crowded in here? (Hint, hint...)

I recently had the privilege of hearing some new music from repeat offenders crowded shoulders (their recent single review here), and boy let me tell you... crowded shoulders really floods your ears with jollies. The music they create is super fun, super trippy, and always intricately crafted. Their current release is a single called “Theme from 'Gluesniffer'” which features a b-side live take of their previously released song “ADJUST.” So sit back, relax your neck (and your shoulders), and let’s get into this thang. 

The single, “Theme from 'Gluesniffer'” is a real high energy hoot right from the getgo. The song begins, and I’m feeling pumped up! Like getting ready for a sports game, or a night on the town! The steady ripping beat, paired with the tense high energy music makes me feel like I should be speeding down a freeway in a DeLorean, street lights and buildings creating a futuristic blend of colors in my windows, drinking soda pop and getting pissed at gluesniffers for not getting off the couch and living their life! Serves them right! Live it!

An important mention is how the mix is super vintage too. Gritty, steady bass and guitars backed with 8bit poppin' drums, laced together with dirty vocals in your face, and futuristic space-age sounding theramins. What a perfect arrangement for the 1980’s music connoisseur’s palette. Yum yum. 

Aside from the spacey, out of this world music, the lyrics are really fun as well. A play on words, with a poppy delivery like something from a late 80’s early 90’s radio tune. “A spooky ghost with a piece of toast, it’s a spooky ghost with toast” is just one of the quirky lines sung in this mind twister. Love it!

And to finally seal the package for special delivery, the chorus really glues it all together. Pun totally intended. A catchy, anthemic melody that makes you bop your head and sing along while wondering “why are we hating gluesniffers all of a sudden?!”

Overall, this song is a fun, positive trip through vintage lane that I believe will transcend generations. I’m totally STUCK on "Gluesniffer" ... get it?!

The second track in this release, “ADJUST” is a live take, which is different from their original electronic recording of the song. “ADJUST” was recorded live at Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck, NJ and features Omar Paradiddle on drums.

Spacey and ambient, which is a common trait of crowded shoulders at this point, “ADJUST” steers the mothership home with wide open, reverberant chords, cavernous drums, and smooth, yet prominent driving vocals. 

The dynamics also compliment the mood really well in this song. A harmonious match that rides the waves of time together like lettuce and cheese in a sandwich. As the song gets louder, the groove loosens up and creates a powerful pad of sound that blends into a melting pot of delicious musical soup. 

Overall, this release is exciting, and gives a strong taste of what we should expect from crowded shoulders in the future. I hope crowded shoulders lightens their load with a whole bunch of new songs for me to trip over. Then we can have a crowded party! Or a crowded release show! 

crowded shoulders is doing a limited edition cassette pressing which you can pre-order here.

Go crowd their music pages:

You’ve gone this far, don’t give them the cold shoulder now:

-Mike Oregano 🌿 
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