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Sup? Is it 100 degrees in here or what?! Nope it’s just June! That’s right, the topic of today’s review: Jackie June! Our pop powerhouse friend is at it again with another release and I’m here to tell you all about it. Word up - Jackie is backie with fresh trackies and this time it’s an EP! “Wildflower” hit the social waves back in March, and it’s a refreshingly sweet silhouette of elegance and empowerment that is everything pop needs right now. 

“Wildflower” delicately opens with “Find A Way;” a love song about a couple who has been through it all and is still going strong. The sweet little piano melody in the intro really brings the feeling to the forefront almost immediately. Nothing expresses the feeling of love like the high notes of a piano in my opinion, so I’m really digging it. The vocal accompanies the piano rather sweetly and once the intro passes, we start to hear some louder instruments. After riding the verse, we land in Rock Central Station to a symphony of guitars, bass, and drums. The rhythm takes full swing, and we have an easy moving, yet hard hitting pop rock number. And I love the outro as well, with the staccato string section. Super fun!

The second track, “Reckless,” is a bit on the darker side, lyric wise. A song about how our foolish desires may sometimes get in the way of what we really want/need whether it be in relationships, life experiences, etc. The verse in this one is laid back and smooth in contrast to the chorus which powerfully brings the energy up and really delivers the message. In my opinion, the most emotional part of the song is the bridge; where the chords modulate faster, paired with a dramatic vocal performance which alludes to the feeling of giving in to desire and spiraling out of control. Then there is a cool resolution in the last choruses, which feature a spunky xylophone melody that brings the song to a peaceful close. What a ride of emotions on that one. Phew!

The follow up track, “Chasing Nightmares,” is already a long time favorite of mine as you may know, and I’ve even written about it recently. Check out the Oregano review of “Chasing Nightmares” here: Chasing Nightmares Review

“All the Colors,” Jackie’s 4th song on the EP, is actually an older release that has been remastered and given new life to blend with the other songs. This can sometimes be a rather risky move for an artist, placing a re-release on a new EP, but Jackie totally nailed it! This song/revision really does fit perfectly with the other tunes. I love the smooth, mellow, piano and vocal performance throughout the song and the various use of different drums, bass, and guitars. And to top it all off, there’s a choir singing a cool “Na na na” chant in the outro. Gotta love gang vox! 

The EP comes to a real kickbutt close. The title track, “Wildflower,” is the powerful ending song that really sums up the meaning of this album. The song starts rockin’ right from the getgo. Now if only we could save on insurance by streaming it... A distorted rock guitar and vocal start jammin’ from beat one, followed by a kick drum and bass just before the chorus. Now fasten your seatbelts, because the chorus takes us to Party Rock Town with energy and emotion spewing out like an open fire hydrant! The bridge is super cool too with the breakdown and reintroduction leading to the last chorus. Just a super well-written pop rock tune with all the right elements.

Overall, this album is a strong, well rounded piece of musical art. A mixture of love, fear, courage, and desire that everyone can relate to. It’s definitely a recommended listen for folks of all ages and demographics. Just be sure to wear shorts when listening, because “Wildflower” has got the heat to make June hot!

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