Alexander Paul Takes Over The World - Soulmates... Unfortunately For You

It’s 2003. The jeans are tight, the hair is flipped to the side, and the wristbands are spiked. That’s the place I’m taken to while listening to Alexander Paul Takes Over The World’s new EP “Soulmates... Unfortunately For You.”

This new self-produced album from NJ based musician Alex Grippo evokes an energetic spirit full of angsty, yet fun dance grooves and gripping, sarcastic hooks! It is for sure destined to be a new regular rotation play for all punk and pop punk fans alike. The guitars are gritty, the vocals are graveled and melodic, the riffs are infectious, and the drums are a smooth blend of punch and sizzle. The perfect combination of sound for this retrospective album that chronicles his experience of finding an identity in this crazy, unpredictable world. 

The first few seconds of the album start out with this eerie, suspenseful electric drone and then SLAM! You’re hit with this exciting high gain distorted guitar riff. Now we’re groovin’. The song is called “American Friends,” and I’m in total nostalgia. It’s 2003 again and I’m hanging with my reckless friends, drinking soda and causing a ruckus. The message of this song really drives home the punk genre too - a song about missing friends and wanting to re-connect. 

Then the EP follows up with “Darren’s Song.” Another tune touching on the friendship topic, this song calls out to a fellow comrade who is always there to help, and the chorus helps to spell it out. Keeping with the punk/skate punk vibe, this one spares the cliche intro and starts full blast, lapsing the party over from the first track. 

Now at this point, the album seems to take a little turn into lighter, more pop punk territory, so grab your KORG and lets jam. 

Song #3, “Self Reflection At 155 Beats Per Minute,” starts out with a very funny public service announcement, filled with foul language and angry old women! And then the music starts... A gritty, poppy, punky feel good tune that really gets the feet tapping and heads banging. And I just feel it’s worth mentioning... The blaring synth melody towards the end of the song is a total kick-butt smash in the face! It comes out of nowhere, and really drives the pop-punk essence into fruition. 

And the EP seamlessly flows into the 4th tune, the perfect follow up track, “Hard To Live With.” If you thought “Self Reflection” was poppy, you might want to hold on to your hair gel. The beat is pumpin’, the synths are poppin’, and the vocals are melodious. We’re riding on a fun sarcastic song filled with infectious synth riffs and hooky lyrics!

The EP is wrapped and packaged with the closing track, “Running Away.” This track sort of drifts apart a bit from the main punk/pop punk theme and pushes the boundary towards metal/screamo. A song about running from your current self and being apprehensive about who you will end up becoming. The end of the song leaves you amped up and uneasy at the same time. Could this possibly be a foreshadow into Alexander Paul Takes Over The World’s new direction in music? Or is this a power packed, angsty end to an era for this young hearted, ever-evolving musician?

To hear this EP, it will be available on December 1 at his Bandcamp page - - and everywhere else music is streamed!

And support his music by visiting his socials:

-Mike Oregano 
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