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Oregafam! Happy September! Can you feel the changing of the seasons yet? Well, before you start feeling the post-summertime sadness and begin your fall cleanup just yet, hang on to your brooms for a minute! This week's review is about a group who’s new single is sweeping the charts and lifting heavy hearts like Taylor Swift on a Zamboni! I’m talking about a band called Cheer Up Dusty and their new song hits like a 1-2 kick to the gut that will get you hopping, skipping, and throwing punches in the air to forget all about your quarantine boredom for a good 3 minutes and 18 seconds. The song is cleverly titled “Randy Savage Would Be Disappointed” - and if you give it a spin, I can promise that YOU definitely won’t be.

“Randy Savage…” straps us in with an anxiously amusing intro like something out of a 90’s game show theme. We are met with a bright beeping metronome clicking over a forecast of the guitars we will hear later in the song, complete with an eerie wind sweeping effect like we’re in a warp speed tunnel being thrown to our next destination… Spoiler alert! This is gonna be a gas! So grab a hold of your seat, hype your blood pressure up with some Mountain Dew, and enjoy the ride!

Once we blast through the intro tunnel, the song kicks in full speed ahead and we are riding the pop punk train to boogie town! An upbeat, powerful wall of sound that whacks you where it matters and gets your feels on the wheels. The guitars are thick, the bass is a brick wall of support, and the drums are smacking like a Chris Brown breakup. Over top all of this, the cymbals coat the sonically succulent scene like waves crashing on a shore of sound. Not to mention, the lavish guitar melody that pulls your heartstrings like a fish on a line and sets the mood for the tune.

Hold up! Hang on to your bootstraps, because the pop punk rock-a-whirl changes feel to half time for the verse. In this section, instead of going as fast as we can and blasting our brains on uppers, we are dance-walking over a millenium style synth melody while the singer delivers his first-story account of being locked in quarantine. “As they’re all fighting over who started it, replace our leaders with some who are fit” is one of the lines recited here that we can definitely all relate to.

And just like that, as we are hit with some real heavy truth, it’s time for blast off again to the highly dynamic pre-chorus! The energy over here is like an emotional subway - grabbing by the feels and transporting us from Walkdanceverse downtown to Hopskipkick uptown! The drums push onward with gusto, the guitars are strumming fast with vigor, and the vocals deliver a full canister of sarcastic reality. “Some frustrations I wanted to share” is sung to finish out this part and like firing off an air powered NERF gun, we are sent flying into the emotional guitar melody from the beginning of the song. Wow! What a trip!

Don’t let go of those bootstraps yet! Because the rock-a-whirl is chopping the groove again for the second verse… but this time the delivery is excitingly different. At this point, the drums are having at a super fun solo in between holding down the pocket while a second vocal joins in for a call and response, and the lead guitar sings under the voices instead of the shiny pop synth from earlier. This is a brilliantly clever use of variance, and I give the #OregaStamp of approval for changing the scenery while still keeping the structure solid.

Just when we are about ready for another blast off, our anticipation is split right down the middle with the introduction of an unexpected, yet totally appropriate bridge. This is where all the pent up energy is unleashed, and really drives the message home. We are now rolling on a tight groove, inflicting vocal message, and truly raw energy. The Mountain Dew is kicking in man!

And like holding in a full bladder under a super tight belt, we finally hit full stream and take off into the pre-chorus again. One thing I love about this section is the drum pattern toward the end of it. While the band is riding a wave of rock solid delivery, the drums contribute an element of suspense with increasingly repeated snare hits leading us into the familiar guitar melody that started this whole ride of ups and downs.

It is here that the Randy Savage quarantale closes the tune with a quick jolt of adrenaline, leaving our heart rates sky high and begging for another hit! Well done Dusty!

Overall, this song is a pop punk power punch perfectly worthy of a second spin. The mix is well-rounded, the energy is cleverly organized, and the vocals deliver a universally important message. I am excited to hear more releases from Cheer Up Dusty in the future, and I hope they keep the momentum full SWEEP ahead!

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-Mike Oregano 🌿
Oregano Entertainment Network, Oregano Records


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