Aidan Jack Finnecy - I Don't Care About What You're Saying, So Shut The Fuck Up

Oregafizzle! How you dizzle? I got another OregaRevizzle for you this wizzle! That’s right, we got a new EP to sample and swizzle in your playlizzles!

New Jersey’s own Aidan Jack Finnecy has recently released a new collection of songs that is basically a college party in a 25 minute package that will be sure to get locked on repeat until you pass out, or get you locked up from influences of adrenaline fueled mischief! His new record is a Modern day fine wine 80’s rock revival with nodes of British pop, punk rock and a hint of indie. Now I promise my Heads not just Talking trash and Clash, if you know what I mean... And the real one two punch that takes the cake, is the bold title that spells it right out for the current youth of this world - “I Don’t Care About What You’re Saying, So Shut The Fuck Up.” I have to say, as a BIG fan of BOLD statements, I give the OregaStamp of approval just from the title alone. So without further adew, please excuse my French, but shut the fuck up and listen to what I have to say about the EP...

We kick off with “Indie Trash” - A Brit punk, face melting gut punch of a "HELLO I’M HERE!” that starts things off with a bang and tells the listeners what Aidan Jack is all about. The intro features a womping electric guitar that is strummed vivaciously followed by an anxious drum roll that soon explodes into a glistening reverb friendly riff that opens up the party with some finger foods! Catchy melodies, spunky lyrics, and wide open space tie the opener together like fancy string on a pastry box and tickle your tastebuds before we even get halfway through the track. And if you were wondering what Aidan is all about, just listen to the refrain where he sings the title of the song and confidently asserts “I’m indie trash.” If that’s not punk rock, I don’t know what is! Finally, the solo in the bridge is a wild hoot packed with delays, reverbs, and distortions alike! Check it!

Next up is “Hey Policeman!” - a song clearly directed at law enforcement. I think this is very timely, and fits the current state of the world very appropriately. The intro to this number is a rock n’ roll kick to the jaw, and the grit don’t stop there. Everything and their mother is distorted... from the dirty guitars, to the megaphone style vocals, even all the way down to the smacking drums! The timbre of this mix, and the sounds behind it, definitely support the message and effectively get the idea across. “Hey Policeman, when are we gonna find a way around all this tension?” Is just one of the many lines from the song that clearly dictates what everyone is thinking right now.

“Living in a Gutter” follows right behind on a bit more of a lighter note, no pun intended. Offering a transition from the tight punk rock to a spacious, serene, and super trippy 80’s scene, this track rocks a Brit pop style groove and a springy soundscape. The guitars are twangy, the chorus is monstrously ripe with vigor, and the vocals are frantically folky. Not to mention, the chorus is quite amusing, with lyrics that explain how Aidan is “Living in a gutter” - while enjoying his life and exploring the world.

The next track, “Taking Flight” - keeps us on the light footed cloud we started floating on during the previous track. A song about getting high, and ditching the lows. I think we can all get with that. I am intrigued by the use of space yet again, and the ride pattern on the drum set that keeps the rhythm train a movin' steady. One thing I really love about this song is the post millennium punk style break down in the bridge featuring a plunkity picked bass guitar paired with a syncopated drum pattern on the toms. This quick musical detour really serves up another dimension to not only the track, but to Aidan’s songwriting ability as well and effectively showcases the rhythm section’s versatility. “Mr. captain we will be taking flight” is sung in the chorus, and we know we’re about to feel it.

Following right behind is “FV” - A somber, steady moving ballad that tells a story about wanting to be closer to the one you care for. “Why don’t you come and open up to me?” Is sung in the chorus, and we definitely feel the feels. While the majority of this album is whimsical and full of satire, Aidan Jack brings out his serious face for this one. Keeping with the movement of the vibe, this track is even lighter than the previous, featuring acoustic guitars at the forefront of the mix and smooth harmonies supporting the main vocals. The guitar solo also needs a mention, as it is wonderfully wide open, righteously rockin’, and totally transcendental. I am loving the transitions and even flow of the songs in the album so far. Each song has been unique in its own way, yet still compliments the release as a whole.

And finally, to close out this party sampler package, we have “Birds I View.” Following suit from the previous track, the intro on this one starts with a soft, steady acoustic guitar and Aidan singing smoothly. “Please don't look at me through a birds eye view” is the chorus line which lets us know that Aidan doesn’t like to be judged for being himself. A passive aggressive attempt at telling people to step off, the mood grows bigger around halfway through the song, introducing an acoustically treated rhythm section. I must say, this song serves as a great outro with easy moving chords, catchy vocal melodies, and just a super chill conscious vibe. I love the ukulele solo in the middle of the song as well. It’s like the fancy cheese that pairs so well with the flavor of all the sonic elements. Like tasting fine wine, this last sip leaves a soft feeling in your body that gets you ready for another go around!

Overall, this release is a well rounded 80’s revival that will have you wearing sparkly clothes, spraying your hair, styling it big and wild, and getting hyped on uppers! The flow is even, the messages are clean, and the sound is BIG! I am excited about this mature release from such a young lad, and I can see this dude has a promising music career ahead of him. Look for Aidan Jack Finnecy on the circuit very soon, and stay tuned for some more of his new music, which I hear may be coming sooner than later...

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-Mike Oregano 🌿
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